Child Model-New ​​​York City/Paris/London/           Sweden/Morocco

  ​​​Author/Actress/Model-Hollywood California

  Beauty Pageant/Swimsuit Modeling-
  Orange County California

  Archivist & Ambassador the family museum
  Millicent Rogers Museum Taos New Mexico​​​​​​​​​​
Southwest ​Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger

​​​ Christina was born and raised in New York City to an aristocratic family.Her father Paul Peralta-Ramos is the great 
grandson of Henry Huttleston Rogers one of the founders of Standard Oil.Her mother Inga Rizell a Swedish model,has been recognized on Americas 'Best Dressed' list for her elegance.

 ​Christina was educated at Miss Hewitt and Dalton schools in New York where she began modeling as​​​​​​ a child for children's clothing lines and catalogues.As a teenager Christina left America to be educated at Tasis England preparatory school. Spending summers in Sweden,Paris and Morocco she began modeling for fashion magazines. 

 On the advice of Diana Vreeland,the eclectic voice of fashion and family friend,Christina persued a career​​​ in acting.After graduating from The American Academy Of Dramatic Arts in New York, her agent at Elite Models sent her to Hollywood.​ As for her career in the film industry Christina says she enjoyed being an ingenue,appearing in films,television shows,stage,
​​productions,cabarets and music videos.

 After relocating to Orange County California Christina continued modeling for fitness and swimsuit magazines,calendars and posters as well as winning Beauty Pageants and Swimsuit Competitions.

 Christina is presently on the Board Of The Millicent Rogers Museum.She is a published Poet and author and is writing a biography of her families dynasty. Christina is often interviewing with magazine and book authors,​helping to get them pictures.Presently she  has started an archives department with the hundreds of photographs she has inherited of her grand-mother.

 With her own style and beauty Italian Vogue has recently written an article about Christina and her glamorous family.​​